Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chris Bosh Custom Munny by MAD

I saw this custom CB4 Munny yesterday on MAD's twitter and thought it was way too cool not to share. Chris Bosh, who is number 4 on the Toronto Raptors and won a gold medal last summer as part of Team USA’s Men’s Basketball Team, personally commissioned this hand painted custom CB4 Munny from MAD. How cool is that!?!

CB4 Custom Munny by MAD for Toronto Raptors Superstar Chris Bosh
Chris Bosh is one of The Blot’s favorite young NBA superstars, as much for his bigger than life personality than his on court game (which are both equally impressive). Not only does this confirm Bosh has great taste, it also shows he’s hip to the designer vinyl craze. The Blot can now add this little tidbit to the long list of reasons I'm a fan of CB4.
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