Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lost - New Dharma Initiative T-Shirts

Now that we’ve seen what life was like in Dharma-ville back in the late 70’s, what job assignment would you hope to get after being brought to the island? Would you want to join Sawyer and work Dharma Security or work with Juliet in the Dharma Motor Pool? Well now you can, sort of, by wearing the official Lost Dharma logo t-shirts found at ABC’s official Lost online store. The Dharma Security t-shirt comes in blue and features the star logo of the official Dharma Initiative Security Force seen in Episode 507, "Le Fleur."

Lost - Dharma Initiative Security Logo T-Shirt
Then we have the official Dharma Motor Pool logo shirt, a blue t-shirt that features the wrench logo first seen on the March 4, 2009 episode of Lost as worn by Juliet. ABC is also releasing a grey Dharma Cafeteria logo t-shirt featuring the official chef’s hat and fork & knife logo of the Dharma Initiative’s mess hall. The logo was worn by Hurley in Episode 510, “He’s Our You.”

Lost - Dharma Initiative Motorpool and Cafeteria Logo T-Shirts
There is also an all new Dharma Initiative Station t-shirt inspired by the Lamp Post Station used by Ms. Hawking in Episode 316, “The Lie.” The Lamp Post logo t-shirt obviously features a lamp post logo and comes in black.

Lost - Dharma Initiative Lamp Post Station Logo T-Shirt
All four of these new Dharma Initiative t-shirts come in sizes S-XXL and sell for $24.95 each. You can purchase these awesome t-shirts and so much more great Lost gear here.
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