Thursday, May 14, 2009

Minosu Travels Gold Life Print by Huck Gee

This Friday, May 15th at Noon PDT Huck Gee will be releasing his newest Gold Life print, “Minosu Travels.” “Minosu Travels” features everyone's favorite bull headed, golden armored, hammer wielding, skull crushing beastie: the legendary Minosu Ushi-Oni.

Minosu Travels Gold Life Print by Huck Gee
The print depicts Minosu leaving behind the massive labyrinth-like grounds of the Glorious Soaring Munk's secret mountain retreat, and he looks none too happy about it. Maybe it's the awful weather. With his armor fitted, gear packed, flag mounted and drum strapped, he's all set to go somewhere perched atop his mount, The Golden Bull.

Each “Minosu Travels” print is 16"x12" (plus 1" border on all sides), comes on fine art watercolor paper (225gs), is gold embossed and is hand numbered and signed by Huck. The print is has a limited edition run of 100 prints and will retail for $75 each on Huck's eBay store.
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