Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Custom Skullhead 10 Inch Mad'l Set by Huck Gee

Before anyone gets too excited from seeing the title of this post, these amazing hand painted custom 10” Mad’ls by Huck Gee are long gone. Sadly they were released for sale on Huck’s eBay store as soon as they were announced through Huck's e-mail newsletter and sold out instantly. But aren’t they awesome!?! If only I had a sick amount of money to blow on designer vinyl toys, because if I did I would have an amazing Huck Gee Skullhead collection. I just love this character.

Custom Hand Painted Skullhead 10 Inch Mad'l by Huck Gee
Evidently, Huck Gee has had a couple cases of 10” Mad’ls sitting around for a while now and finally decided to do something simple and clean with them. The Surprise 10” Skullhead Mad’l set has a limited edition run size of 10 figures and each figure was sold for $400! Oh yeah, the original Save Huck 5" Mad’l shown in the picture above was only included in the picture for size comparison.
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