Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Blot Heads To SDCC 2009

San Diego Comic-Con International logoAs you read this The Blot will be flying to San Diego for Comic-Con 2009. I hope to be blogging sporadically (mostly at night) over the next four days, but plan to be tweeting throughout my stay in San Diego. So, if you want to know what I’m doing, seeing and experiencing throughout my time at SDCC head over to I’ve also gone ahead and added a Twitter widget to the top of The Blot Says… so that my latest tweets will always be at the top of the site. If you want constant updates and follow The Blot Says…’s RSS feed, I recommend stopping by the actual site to find out the latest!

Thanks again for reading The Blot Says… and be sure to come by the site at night over the next four days to check out what I hope will be some very cool pictures. Ok I've been totally slacking in the blogging department, sorry! Between all the goings on at the convention and the extra curricular activities around San Diego's Gaslamp District, I've been way too tired to blog at night. I haven't even gone through all my pics yet. But have no fear, I'll be sure to post a ton next week...

P.S. – If for some reason the Twitter widget above is not working, try refreshing your browser. If that doesn’t work, please shoot me an e-mail and let me know!
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