Friday, July 31, 2009

SDCC 09 - Believe Dero Resin Figures by Jermaine Rogers

Jermaine Rogers, one of The Blot’s favorite artists, had three awesome prototypes on display at San Diego Comic Con 2009. The first two were red and blue prototypes of an upcoming resin release of Rogers’ popular character Dero, entitled Believe. The Believe Dero resin figures looked incredible in person, and I couldn’t get over how big they were (around 8-10 inches in height). Jermaine let me hold one, and its craftsmanship was remarkable.

Blue and Red Prototype Believe Dero Resin Figures by Jermaine Rogers
Also on display was a very raw Veil: Specimen 129 resin prototype that is currently in development. It had something very funky looking in the middle of it (like a piece of coral), but what I really liked about the head is that it had a magnet at the bottom of it. As Jermaine explained it, the plan is to have a magnet placed at the top of the figure’s neck as well, so that the two pieces can latch together magnetically. It will give the resin figure some articulation, so that you will be able to rotate the figure's head while still having it attached to its resin body. How cool is that!?!

Prototype Veil: Specimen 129 Resin Head by Jermaine Rogers
Also on display was a pair of Jermaine Rogers x Vans sneakers. They looked pretty sick, so I had to take a pick. Not sure of the drop date on these kicks, but check out your local Vans store to reserve a pair!

Jermaine Rogers Circus Punk and Jermaine Rogers x Vans Sneakers
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