Thursday, July 30, 2009

SDCC 09 - Lost Memorabilia Auction

Coming in 2010, ABC and Lost, in conjunction with Profiles In History, will be launching Lost: The Auction to commemorate the popular show’s final season. The Blot’s not sure when the auction is actually scheduled for, but according to the Profiles In History representatives at San Diego Comic Con, it won’t take place until after the cast and crew conclude the filming of Lost Season 6. Why would I know all this? Because Profiles In History was at SDCC 2009 with many of the props scheduled to be put on sale in 2010.

Lost: The Auction - Dharma Recruits 1977 Framed Picture
Lost: The Auction - Charlie's DS Drive Shaft Silver Ring
What’s really cool about this sure to be highly successful auction is that pretty much every significant prop and article of clothing from Lost’s six seasons will be up for grabs, including Kate’s toy plane, Locke’s compass, Mr. Echo’s walking stick and tons of Dharma Initiative food.

Lost: The Auction - Mr. Echo's Walking Stick
Lost: The Auction - The Door to The Hatch
Lost: The Auction - Charlie's Guitar
It’s just too bad I am sure almost everything will sell for way too much money. The auction can’t take place until after filming has concluded since many of the props are needed for Season 6, but here’s a sneak peek of what will eventually be up for sale. It's pretty freaking cool, huh?

Lost: The Auction - Kate's Toy Plane
Lost: The Auction - Virgin Mary Statues
Lost: The Auction - Compass Given To Locke By Richard Alpert
Lost: The Auction - Desmond's Swan Station Fail Safe Key
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