Friday, October 30, 2009

A/P Kidreaper Vinyl Figure Set by Andrew Bell

It’s been a little over a year since the Halloween release of the Andrew Bell designed Kidrobot 15: Kidreaper, so what better time for Bell to finally release his Artist Proof signed and numbered Kidreaper vinyl figures than today (the day before Halloween)!

Artist Proof Kidrobot 15: Kidreaper with Chase Hand-Sewn Red Cape by Andrew Bell
Artist Proof Chase All White Kidrobot 15: Kidreaper with Chase Hand-Sewn Red Cape with Hood by Andrew Bell
Each set includes a Kidreaper figure, a black cape, a bloody scythe and one bonus item. There are 4 white rare chase A/P’s and 10 regular black A/P’s (14 in all). Distributed between them are 6 hand-sewn (by Ma Bell!) red capes with collars, 5 hand-sewn red capes with hoods and 3 glow in the dark 6″x8″ prints (edition of 3). You won’t know exactly which combination of figure and bonus item you get until you open your package, but any combination sounds like a killer one to The Blot!

Artist Proof Kidrobot 15: Kidreaper with Limited Edition Glow-In-The-Dark Kidreaper Print by Andrew Bell
You can take your chances with the Reaper beginning Friday the 30th at the Dead Zebra online store at an unannounced time (or times!). Each figure set will sell for $96.66.
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