Friday, November 13, 2009

BUDs Blind Box Series III by Jamungo

Ever since Jamungo released the artist line-up for its BUDs Series 3 blind box series, The Blot’s been anxiously awaiting a look at the series’ designs. Thankfully, this is one blind box series that has lived up to the hype! While we still don’t know which Muttpop character will show up in BUD form as the series’ mystery chase, I love Jamungo’s decision to include its Sqadt and CrappyCat characteras in the series. No word on the set’s ratios yet, but here’s hoping none of the designs are too terribly hard to get!

Buds Blind Box Series III by Jamungo
Buds Series 3 by Jamungo - MAD BUD & CrappyCat BUD by Vanbeater
BUDs Series III features designs by MAD, Jesse Ledoux, Yuck, Jon Burgerman, FERG, Superdeux, Aesthetic Apparatus, VanBeater, Pedini, Kenn munk, saurkids, Jim Koch, Frank Kozik, oooOOOooo (Brian Morris) and Muttpop.

Buds Series 3 by Jamungo - BUDs by Jim Koch, John Burgerman, Sourkids & Frank Kozik
Jamungo’s BUDs Series III blind boxes will retail for around $10 each and should be hitting store shelves any day now.
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