Wednesday, November 25, 2009

COMING SOON - Kidrobot 18: Kidmutant by Frank Kozik

Last week Kidrobot posted a video on the KRonikle, the company’s online magazine, which debuted two as of yet unannounced vinyl figures. The second unveiling was of Kidrobot 18: Kidmutant by Frank Kozik.

Kidrobot - Kidrobot 18 Kidmutant by Frank Kozik Sneak Peek
Not only does this crazy looking Kidrobot mascot vinyl figure have tentacles for arms, but it also comes with a matching mini-mutant Labbit accessory. The Blot’s got a feeling this Kidmutant/mini-mutant Labbit combo is going to have Kozik fans rushing out to purchase this alien looking Kidrobot mascot.

Kidrobot - Mini-Mutant Labbit Accessory by Frank Kozik Sneak Peek
The images above appeared in a video from AOL’s Switched in which KR president Paul Budnitz is interviewed about the designer vinyl phenomenon. You can see the video/interview in its entirety here.
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