Wednesday, November 18, 2009

T.W.O.C. the Elf 2009 Holiday Dunny Chase by TADO

The 2009 Holiday Dunny, Krunk-a-Claus by TADO, is finally here. From what The Blot’s heard, a lot of stores didn’t receive their shipment of Krunk-a-Claus 3" Dunnys last week because of Veteran’s Day. But thankfully TADO’s Holiday Dunny is now in stock at most stores, and we now know what its 1 in 10 chase, the evil T.W.O.C. the Elf, looks like!

Kidrobot - T.W.O.C. the Elf 2009 3 Inch Holiday Dunny Chase by TADO
No word yet on whether or not there is a rarer 3rd chase, but it sounds like T.W.O.C. the Evil Elf has been pretty easy to find even with its 1:10 ratio. I was surprised to learn that T.W.O.C. (which I can only guess stands for “Taking Without Owner’s Consent”) has elfin ears instead of classic Dunny ears like almost every other production Dunny released to date. The Dunny’s ears personify its signature look, and I was shocked to find out Kidrobot replaced them on its 2009 Holiday Dunny chase.

T.W.O.C. comes with a crowbar and hat, and retails for $9.95 each. You can purchase the 2009 3 Inch Holiday Dunny by TADO here.
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