Monday, December 28, 2009

Gold Coin x PaperMonster T-Shirt

The Blot has no idea how I missed this awesome collaboration between San Francisco based clothing brand Gold Coin and New York stencil graffiti artist PaperMonster, but I’m glad I happened to notice it while checking out GC’s Holiday 2009 clothing line. The Blot was just looking at this cool crossbones t-shirt and thought to myself how the design inside the cross-bones looks just like some of PaperMonster’s killer paper collage artwork. Of course, if I had only taken the time to look at the shirt’s title I would have realized right away this was an official Gold Coin x PaperMonster t-shirt!

Gold Coin - Paper Monster White and Black T-Shirt
Gold Coin is only producing 500 black and 500 white of the limited edition PaperMonster t-shirts seen above, so if you want one act fast! Once these tees are gone, they’ll never be available again. The Gold Coin x PaperMonster tee is available now in both black and white for $30 each at the Gold Coin online store.
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