Wednesday, January 27, 2010

James Robinson’s New Justice League of America Line-Up Debuts Today

DC Comics unleashes Justice League of America #41 on the world today, and it features an all new line-up handpicked by writer James Robinson. Robinson’s JLA line-up features an interesting mix of new and old members, including JLA stalwarts like Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Green Arrow, The Atom (Ray Palmer) and the female Dr. Light. The team also includes four former New Teen Titans members, Batman (Dick Grayson), Donna Troy, Starfire and Cyborg. Rounding out Robinson’s League is future Legion of Super-Heroes member Mon-El, the Guardian (a long time Superman ally) and Congorilla.

DC Comics- Justice League of America #41 Covers A & B Artwork by Mark Bagley
This moment is bittersweet for The Blot, because if DC had announced this line-up 10 years ago I’d be ecstatic over Robinson writing a JLA team that included four of my favorite Titans. Sadly, it’s come a little too late to evoke any kind of excitement now. This would have been a dream line-up for The Blot as a kid/young adult. Growing up, the New Titans, JLA and the Legion of Super-Heroes were three of my favorite books, but after years of mismanagement I’ve lost interest in all three titles. I have no idea why DC Comics continues to squander the Teen Titans franchise, but they seem incapable of capitalizing on the characters’ mainstream success.

DC Comics - James Robinson's new Justice League of America by Mark Bagley
And don’t even get me started on James Robinson! You see, ten years ago Robinson was my favorite comic book writer. Everything he touched turned to gold, especially his amazing 80 issue run of the Zero Hour spin-off, Starman. But his most recent work gets a colossal “Meh!” from me now. I’ve hated Justice League: Cry For Justice and I'm pretty ambivalent to his Superman stories. The truth is, I’ll pick up #41 because I love the idea that the Titans have finally grown up and are taking their rightful place among the DC Universe elite. It’s just sad Robinson had to have Red Arrow’s arm torn off to make this happen. As any long time Titans fan would agree, Roy Harper, as the first Teen Titan to join the JLA, should be on the team along with his childhood friends instead of Oliver Queen.

Justice League of America #41 by James Robinson and Mark Bagley hits newsstands today, January 27, 2010.
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