Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Suited Beetlejuice Mez-Itz Vinyl Figure by Mezco Toyz - Toy Fair 2010 Sneak Peek

It looks like Mezco Toyz is wasting no time releasing a second Beetlejuice Mez-Itz vinyl figure. The Blot’s not sure if this Beetlejuice in Suit Mez-Itz is just a second release or if it will be some sort of exclusive, but either way it looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Beetlejuice in Suit Mez-Itz Vinyl Figure by Mezco Toyz Sneak Peek
The photo above of Mezco Toyz’ Suited Beetlejuice Mez-Itz is from Toy Fair 2010 and is courtesy of ASMzine.com. ASMzine’s coverage of Toy Fair 2010 is second to none, and I highly recommend checking out its website! Fans can expect this 2nd Beetlejuice Mez-Itz to go on sale sometime in June 2010!
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