Wednesday, February 17, 2010

X-Men: Second Coming Teaser Images

While The Blot doesn’t read Marvel’s line of X-Men comic books anymore, these Second Coming teaser images by Daniel Acuña look awesome. It’s very rare for a teaser image to actually pique my interest these days, so these five images have certainly done their job! I love the stained glass boarders around each image and the tag lines really do tease the coming of a huge storyline. I have no idea where this X-Universe crossover is heading, but most fans assume (and hope) it will wrap up the Hope Summers storyline, which spun out of the ending to Marvel’s House of M event and officially started in the X-Men crossover Messiah Complex back in 2007.

X-Men Second Coming Image #1 - One Will Lead The X-Men In Second Coming
X-Men Second Coming Image #2 - One Will Die In Second Coming
When I was younger, I read every single X-Men comic book Marvel published. But then again, who didn’t in the early to mid 90’s? These days the only Marvel comic I read that features mutants is X-Factor by Peter David. And while it’s technically an “X” book, it’s typically not connected to the larger X-Universe and its cross-over storylines. So it’s pretty rare for an official X-Men crossover to get me excited, but Second Coming’s doing just that.

X-Men Second Coming Image #3 - One Will Rise In Second Coming
X-Men Second Coming Image #4 - One Will Sacrifice In Second Coming
It also doesn’t hurt that Marvel’s teasing the long awaited resurrection of Jean Gray during the events of Second Coming. Is anyone else shocked Marvel actually kept her “dead” for this long? It’s been six years since Phoenix passed away, which is an eternity in comic book years.

X-Men Second Coming Image #5 - All Will Unite In Second Coming
The X-Men: Second Coming one shot, written by Christopher Yost & Craig Kyle with art and variant cover by David Finch and cover by Adi Granov, goes on sale March 31, 2010 and will have a cover price of $3.99.
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