Friday, March 26, 2010

Strangekiss x Iconfactory Ollie the Twitterrific Bird Mono Vintage Version

Today (Friday, March 26th) at noon PST, Stragekiss and Iconfactory will be releasing the third colorway of their Ollie the Twitterrific Bird vinyl figure designed by David Lanham. This latest colorway of Ollie the Twitterrific mascot is the rarest version released to date, and The Blot’s got a feeling this cute little grey figure will go fast.

Strangekiss x Iconfactory Mono Ollie the Twitterrific Bird Vinyl Figure by David Lanham
Ollie, the Twitterrific mascot (who is also often recognized as the Twitter mascot), is an adorable little bluebird that loves to chat about what’s going on. He makes the perfect gift for any fan of designer toys and those who love to tweet, tweet, tweet.

The Mono Vintage Version of Ollie the Twitterrific Bird is 4” tall, limited to just 100 figures and can be purchased directly from Strangekiss here.
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