Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jonah Hex One Sheet Movie Poster

You know, the one comic book live action movie adaptation The Blot’s heard very little about is this summer’s Jonah Hex. Not only that, but the film’s website is basically non-existent. This lack of hype might be a good thing as it helps to keep expectations low. But when the film’s based on a comic book and is released in the summer, such under promotion is typically a bad sign!

Jonah Hex Theatrical One Sheet Movie Poster
And is it me or does Warner Bros. have absolutely no idea how to capitalize on its DC Comics properties!?! Nothing depresses me more than to see the WB ruin another potential DC Universe franchise. Here’s hoping Jonah Hex surpasses even my low expectations (and Megan Fox has finally learned how to act).

Jonah Hex premieres in theaters nationwide on June 18, 2010.
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