Saturday, May 22, 2010

The LOST Encyclopedia Hardcover Book

LOST may be ending, but that doesn’t mean your fandom has to end! Coming soon is the LOST Encyclopedia hardcover book, which features a forward by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. This encyclopedia is a serious tome of everything you’ve ever needed to know about the hit television series and even some things you don’t. This is the official encyclopedia of the LOST universe from the people who made the show great and includes a staggering 1,500 images over 404 full color pages.

The Official LOST Encyclopedia Hardcover Book Cover
Are you feeling a little Lost? Are you having trouble recalling all the twists and turns and important details of your favorite TV series LOST? Fear not, the answers are here! The one essential addition to any LOST fan's collection is this 404-page, full color, hardcover book, including never-before-seen images of key items. Travel to the island and across time with this incredible companion!

The hardcover LOST Encyclopedia is not scheduled to hit store shelves until September, 2010, but you can preorder it here for just $44.99.
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