Monday, June 14, 2010

Bad Robot 100% Be@rbrick by Medicom

The Blot’s been meaning to blog about this vinyl figure for a while, because I thought LOST fans would get a kick out of learning Medicom has released a 100% Be@rbrick of the Bad Robot mascot as part of its blind boxed Be@rbrick Series 19. As most LOST fans know, Bad Robot Productions (also known as just Bad Robot) is the production company of J.J. Abrams and has produced all of his hit television shows including Felicity, Alias, LOST and Fringe. Bad Robot has also co-produced all of the films Abrams’ has directed, including Mission: Impossible III, Cloverfield and 2009’s Star Trek.

Bad Robot 100% Be@rbrick by Medicom Toy
Last year, Medicom and Bad Robot teamed up to produce Star Trek Be@rbricks (seen here and here) in conjunction with the reboot of the franchise. Along with a Spock Be@rbrick, a Bad Robot Be@rbrick was also included in the Be@rbrick Series 19. While Be@rbrick blind boxes are relative cheap (each under $10), the Bad Robot Be@rbrick is one of the rarest designs in the series with a ratio of 2.9%.

The Bad Robot Be@rbrick is definitely one of the coolest 100% Be@rbricks The Blot’s seen in a long time, and I’m definitely hoping to get my hands on one sometime soon to add to my LOST Be@rbrick and Kubrics!
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