Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sketchup 8 Inch Custom Dunny by Sket-One

One of The Blot’s all time favorite custom Dunnys is coming back in a big way! First it was announced Sket-One’s classic Sketchup design was to be included in Kidrobot’s 3” Dunny Series 2010. Then Kidrobot released a very cool Sketchup t-shirt, and now Sket has announced a new series of 20 8” Sketchup custom Dunnys! The Blot’s got a sinking suspicion that these hand made custom 8 inch Dunnys are going to be highly sought after, so if you want one be sure to act quickly.

Sketchup 8 Inch Custom Dunny by Sket One
The Sketchup 8 inch custom Dunny by Sket-One includes a functioning bottle cap, a custom Heinz ketchup inspired label, a 3.5”x3.5” custom header card, a miniature 2.25oz glass bottle with custom label (and real ketchup inside) and a wrought iron condiment caddy to display this killer set! Each signed and numbered Sketchup Dunny will retail for $550 and will be available for purchase on July 2nd at Sket’s online store.
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