Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LTD Tee - Mutiny of the Flesh T-Shirt & Art Print Box Set by JR Goldberg

The newest box set from LTD Tee has arrived, and I know a lot of The Blot Says readers will really like it! “Mutiny of the Flesh” is from the mind of Los Angeles illustrator J.R. Goldberg, who has dedicated countless hours of scientific research on sleeping bunnies to explore the depths of their depravity. What she found is that these warm and fuzzy, seemingly docile creatures, harbor dark and murderous desires just like us humans.

LTD Tee - Mutiny of the Flesh T-Shirt & Art Print Box Set by JR Goldberg
J.R. Goldberg is an illustrator, printmaker, and comic book artist who resides in the ancient caves of Los Angeles. She escaped with a BFA from the renowned School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which she feels has too many “ofs” in its title. J.R. recently had her first book published by Slave Labor Graphics, JELLYFIST, for which she provided the illustrations and half of the commentary. Additional works include HOW TO BE A PROPER HOST, and other zines for the Small Science Collective. J.R hopes to not become a hobo, forced to draw on the side of dumpsters, and eat cardboard.

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The “Mutiny of the Flesh” box set from LTD Tee is available for sale this week only, exclusively at www.ltdtee.net. From July 26th through August 1st, fans can purchase the “Mutiny of the Flesh” box set by J.R. Goldberg. Each box set includes a screen printed t-shirt, an 8”x10” art print and a LTD Tee sticker pack all packaged in a custom screen printed box.

The “Mutiny of the Flesh” box set retails for $26.99, but readers of The Blot Says… can use the discount code “bunnymonsters” to save 20% off their entire order!
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