Thursday, November 25, 2010

GID Green S.Maria Resin Figure by Erick Scarecrow

It's ESC Toy tradition to drop something good on Black Friday, and since the S.Maria collection is nearing it's end, Erick Scarecrow thought he would release something special for his fans. This year's Black Friday release will be the other twin colorway from the S.Maria GID "Glow in the Dark" set, the GID Green S.Maria. The GID Pink colorway was released last month at NYCC and sold out in the blink of an eye.

ESC Toy - Glow in the Dark Green S.Maria 6 Inch Resin Figure by Erick Scarecrow

The new GID Green S.Maria resin figure will go on sale this Friday, November 26th, at 12:00am EST at the ESC eBay store. The S.Maria GID Green resin figure will retail for $150 each and has a limited edition run size of only 30 pieces. Each 6" resin figure is hand painted, signed and numbered by the artist, and comes hand packaged.
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