Friday, January 28, 2011

Suketchi Mama Blue Resin Figure Set by Erick Scarecrow

Later today ESC Toy will be releasing its first figure of 2011 and it comes in a three figure set! The Suketchi Mama Blue figure set includes a 5.75" Suketchi Mama resin figure, a 1.75" Paint Shroom, and a 3" Paddopa sketch pad. What’s really cool about this release is every Paddopa will include a pencil sketch by Erick Scarecrow. The Blue Suketchi Mama colorway has a limited edition run size of only 30 pieces and will retail for $175 per set. The release takes place today, Friday, January 28th, at 12pm EST at the ESC eBay store.

ESC Toy Suketchi Mama Blue Resin Figure Set by Erick Scarecrow - Suketchi Mama, Paint Shroom & Paddopa Sketch Pad

Suketchi Mama Blue’s Story: Suketchi Mama travels the world sharing her skills as an artist. She is full of many ideas and with her pencil hands she is able to expresses herself artistically. Her traveling companions are Paddopa, a special pad that can translate her sketches into real objects and Paint Shroom, a Shiitake mushroom that loves to add colors to anything he finds dull.
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