Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dr. Leslie Arzt LOST Bobble Head

The fourth and final all new LOST bobble head by Bif Bang Pow! is the bumbling high school science teacher Dr. Leslie Arzt. While LOST fans always loved an Arzt appearance, alas this survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 was not long for the island. Depicted here just moments before his unfortunate explosion, Arzt is shown carrying the dynamite from the Black Rock ship that would lead to his ultimate demise.

Dr. Leslie Arzt LOST 7 Inch Bobble Head by Bif Bang Pow

The Leslie Arzt LOST bobble head is made out of resin and stands 7" tall. While the bobble head won’t ship until June 2011, it is available for pre-order here from right now for $12.99.
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