Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Look: Android Series 02 by Andrew Bell, Gary Ham & Google, Inc.

Android Series 02 - Hexcode Vinyl Figure by Andrew Bell

It’s been a little over a year since the Android Series 01 took the vinyl world by storm, and now Andrew Bell has released a sneak preview of his upcoming Android Series 02! The first three designs are Hexcode by Andrew Bell (ratio: 2/16), Cupcake by Gary Ham (1/16) and Greeneon by Google, Inc. (2/16). Who knew a toy line featuring the mascot of a mobile phone operating system could be so popular, but fan reaction to this blind box series has been incredible. It just goes to show you what a well crafted toy and artistic vision can accomplish!

Android Series 02 - Cupcake Vinyl Figure by Gary Ham

Android Series 02 - Greeneon Vinyl Figure by Google, Inc.

Each of these three figures has a little surprise of its own, but we’ll have to wait until Android Series 02 drops to find out exactly what that is. Series 02 will be hitting the Dead Zebra shop, brick and mortar stores and online retailers in early March 2011.
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