Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Incredible Hulk Inspired Мишка “The Savage Cyco” T-Shirt by Skinner

Мишка x Skinner The Incrdible Hulk Inspired “The Savage Cyco” T-Shirt

Check out one of the newest Мишка t-shirt designed by none other than Sacramento, California artist Skinner! Much like The Blot, Skinner is a huge fan old school The Incredible Hulk comic books, and you can definitely see influences of those early Hulk artists in his work. For “The Savage Cyco,” the Skinnman has created a striking homage to Jim Steranko’s classic cover of the 1968 comic King-Size Hulk Special #1 by recreating the cover and including Мишка’s Cyco Simon in the role of the Hulk.

Мишка “The Savage Cyco” T-Shirt by Skinner

As Spartak said on the Мишка blog, “the Hulk body with a Cyco Simon head looks like a match made in nerd-streetwear heaven,” and I couldn’t agree more! The Blot loves this t-shirt so much because of all the little details Skinner included in the design, like the addition of Lamour Supreme’s version of Ghost Rider in the issue box in the top left corner. Two Мишка style Marvel super heroes on one t-shirt, what more could you ask for!?!

This is such a killer t-shirt and I’ve got a feeling the design is going to be super popular due to its wide appeal to both comic book fans and streetwear aficionados. “The Savage Cyco” t-shirt by Skinner is available in black, white and purple, and can be purchased for $32 at both Мишка retail locations or at the Мишка online store. I think a purple “The Savage Cyco” t-shirt is calling The Blot’s name!
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