Thursday, March 10, 2011

One of a Kind Globulon Resin Figures by Abe Lincoln Jr.

One of a Kind Custom Globulon Resin Figures by Abe Lincoln Jr. - Musiquarium Globulon & Lemon Merengue Globulon

Abe Lincoln Jr.’s new artwork from last weekend’s Blood Brother art show (with MCA and Evoker) at Wootini Gallery has hit the web, and it includes two one-of-a-kind Globulon resin figures! The Blot loves these 5” little monsters, and here’s your chance to own two different 1/1 colorways: the Musiquarium Globulon (dayglow orange with dayglow green aerosol paint) and the Lemon Merengue Globulon (bright yellow with pastel yellow aerosol paint). These 1 of a kind custom resin figures are now available for purchased at the Wootini online store for $75 each. And be sure to check out all of Abe, MCA and Evoker’s amazing work from the Blood Brother show here.
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