Monday, March 14, 2011

Tuttz Minis Series 1 by Argonaut Resins

Tuttz Minis Series 1 by Argonaut Resins

The Blot’s pretty excited to announce that later tonight Argonaut Resins will be releasing its first wave of mini Tuttz resin figures! Tuttz Minis Series 1 will include 25 blind box figures PLUS 5 mystery chase figures (including 2 glow in the dark chases and 1 clear tint). There’s even a secret Golden Ticket that will be included with the chase clear tint, and can be redeemed for the regular sized clear tint Tuttz seen below!

Tuttz Minis Series 1 by Argonaut Resins - Golden Ticket Clear Tint Regular Sized Tuttz and Clear Tint Tuttz Mini

Series 1 will include all sorts of colors and styles like clear tints, solids, metallics, jades, pearls, renders and GIDs. Some of the Tuttz Minis in Series 1 will also match previously released regular sized Tuttz figures. This is one blind box series where no matter which figure you pull, you’ll get an awesome handmade figure.

Tuttz Minis Series 1 drops today, Monday, March 14th, at 9pm EST at the Argonaut Resins online store. Each blind boxed resin figure will retail for $30 and these cute little guys are limited to 3 Minis per buyer.
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