Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kenny Resin Figure by Netherland

Kenny 2 Inch Resin Figure by David “Netherland” van Alphen

If you haven’t been able to tell by from posts over the past few months, The Blot’s been on a big resin kick lately. While production vinyl figures are nice, there’s something about the handmade nature of resin figures (and of course customs figures too) that I’ve really come to appreciate. The newest resin figure that’s drawn my attention is Kenny by David “Netherland” van Alphen.

Featuring Netherland’s trademark retro analogue stereo head on a human body, Kenny stands 2” tall, is made of translucent resin, and comes packaged in a signed header card. The Blot’s really digging this Kenny resin figure, and at $12 each it’s a freaking steal! It even comes in 6 different colors including GID (glow in the dark), blue, red, green, blue/green, and red/blue. Pick one up from the Netherland Studios online store while supplies last!
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