Friday, April 29, 2011

Kidrobot 19: KidRiot Vinyl Figure by MAD

Kidrobot 19: KidRiot Vinyl Figure by MAD

Behave yourself, KidRiot is watching! Take a good look at Kidrobot’s iconic figure as envisioned by Kansas City artist MAD, and show the man the proper respect…or pay the price. MAD’s KidRiot is 8 solid inches of crowd-controlling vinyl, complete with removable tactical helmet and shield, glazed strawberry donut, and a skull-crushing baton (nicknamed “The Judge” for obvious reasons).

The Blot’s been waiting for this figure’s release for almost a year, and it’s definitely been well worth the wait! The details on this Kidrobot mascot figure look topnotch and I love all of KidRiot’s accessories, especially his glazed donut! KidRiot rules the mean streets with an iron fist, but don’t let fear hold you back because KidRiot will be in limited supply! Only 1,500 were produced and with a retail price of $60 you know these will sell quickly. Kidrobot 19: KidRiot by MAD goes on sale May 12 at all Kidrobot stores, and specialty retailers.

Kidrobot 19: KidRiot Vinyl Figure Concept Artwork by MAD

To coincide with the release of the Kidrobot 19: KidRiot vinyl figure, MAD will be going on a three city signing tour (like this figure needs any additional promotion). This cross-country mission will infiltrate Kidrobot Los Angeles on Thursday, May 12th, San Francisco on Friday, May 13th, and Miami on Saturday, May 14th. All three events will take place from 6-8pm, but get there early because you know MAD will pack the house!
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