Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mad Men Screen Print by Jim MacLeod

Mad Men Screen Print “They Can't Do What We Do...” by Jim MacLeod

If you follow The Blot on Twitter then you know I’ve recently become a diehard Mad Men fan. Aly and I bought the first three seasons on Bluray last Thanksgiving, and in just a few short weeks we’ve watched the entire series (including Season 4 which we purchased last week). As it turns out, artist Jim MacLeod is a huge Mad Men fan too, and he designed this amazing screen print entitled “They Can’t Do What We Do…” just for fun!

Jim’s Mad Men print “They Can’t Do What We Do…” is an intricate design featuring all of the show’s primary cast members from Seasons 1-3. As MacLeod explains, “I was originally drawn to Mad Men because I work in a marketing/advertising agency. While my agency has next to no resemblance of Sterling Cooper (Draper and Pryce) I was drawn to the line ‘They can’t do what we do, and they hate us for it.’ It was a line that Don said to Peggy while he was trying to sum up advertising and motivate her to create better, more meaningful, more effective work.”

“They Can’t Do What We Do…” by Jim MacLeod is an 18"x24" three color Mad Men screen print on 100lb. cream paper. The print comes hand signed and numbered, and has a limited edition run of 30 pieces. You currently purchase this awesome poster directly from Jim at his online store for $25.
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