Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black Unpainted Outsider & Meathead by Motorbot

Unpainted Black Gloss Outsider & Unpainted Black Gloss Meathead Resin Figures by Motorbot

Continuing Deadbear’s 1 Year Anniversary celebration, Motorbot released 2 all new blanks yesterday: the black unpainted Outsider and the black unpainted Meathead. The limited edition black gloss unpainted Outsider stands almost 10” tall and has two points of articulation, while the black gloss unpainted meathead stands 2” tall and comes with a silver eye. Motorbot has continually surprised The Blot with his color selection for May’s blank releases and this might be my favorite colorway to date! So far we’ve seen white, GID, pink and now black gloss…what color will be next? Tune in to to find out!

Both limited edition blank black gloss resin figures seen here will be available from now until May 20th at Motorbot’s online store. The Unpainted Black Outsider retails for $55 while the Unpainted Black Meathead sells for $15.
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