Monday, May 9, 2011

Green Lantern Corps Movie Posters

Green Lantern - Green Lantern Corps Theatrical Banner

After months of wondering when Green Lantern’s marketing campaign would really heat up, the film has finally kicked it into overdrive with only 6 weeks left before its world premiere. The Blot’s even finally starting to get a good feeling about Green Lantern. After lackluster trailers and lame posters, everything started to change once the film began to feature the Green Lantern Corps and Oa more prominently in its marketing.

Green Lantern - Green Lantern Corps Theatrical One Sheet Movie Poster

I don’t know why, but watching Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) on Earth seemed cheesy, while his indoctrination into the GL Corps with all of its different alien members made the film look interesting to say the least. Have you noticed how little the scenes on Earth are even featured in the trailers anymore and is Blake Lively (as Carol Ferris) still a main character? The Green Lantern Corp has definitely taken over as the primary focus of Green Lantern's banners, posters and trailers.

Green Lantern - Green Lantern Corps Theatrical One Sheet Movie Poster

I’d like to add that the more I see of DC Comics' Tomar-Re, Kilowog, Sinestro and Abin Sur, the more I like the film’s live action version of these characters. It’s also exciting to know (from the one sheet movie posters and tie-in toy lines) that other popular Green Lantern Corps members will be appearing in the film, especially Stel, Green Man and Boodikka. Here’s hoping we get a Ch’p or Mogo sighting as well!

Green Lantern is scheduled to fly into theaters on Friday, June 17th.
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