Friday, May 20, 2011

Pocket Invisiboy Vinyl Figure by Super7

The Pocket Invisiboy Vinyl Figure by Super7 & The Invisible Man

Lucky Bags were not the only thing released at Super7’s 10th Anniversary last Saturday night. Super7 surprised its many fans in attendance by also releasing the never before seen Pocket Invisiboy, which is a Pocket Mummy Boy head on an all new body. What’s really cool about this pocket figure is the ascot and really sweet robe it’s wearing Hugh Hefner style! While the Pocket Invisiboy invokes memories of the Playboy founder, it is actually a spot-on tribute to 1933 film The Invisible Man. The Blot’s really digging this 3” figure, and I can't wait to see how Super7 uses this new body sculpt next.

The Maroon Pocket Invisiboy is currently available at the Super7 online store for $25 (while supplies last).
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