Wednesday, June 8, 2011

M2 Rotund & Sprog Robot Resin Figures by Cris Rose

M2 Rotund Resin Robots by Cris Rose

Cameras have been very influential to Cris Rose and the evolution of his many robot resin figures. One of Cris’ favorite cameras is the Leica M2, a 35mm film rangefinder from 1959, and it is that exact camera which inspired this latest wave resin bots. Like the Leica M2, these "M2" Rotunds are coated in chrome, and every one sports a single red dot, a classic Leica touch. Each figure also includes 2 heads, one is the Rotund Security head with 5 eyes, the other is a modified Rostrum Precision head outfitted with one of 3 lens configurations depending on the colorway.

The Leica M2, a 35mm Film Rangefinder

Three different “M2” Rotunds colorways have been produced: the classic Matt Black and Chrome, the pure Chrome, and a one of a kind Tan colored version. Each “M2” Rotund also comes with a little TLR Roboflex camera on a tan leather strap, a camera based on one in my existing collection (the TLR Roleicord). Each “M2” Rotund resin robot is $165.

M2 Sprog Resin Robots by Cris Rose

For those of you looking for a less expensive option, Cris has also produced 6 M2 Rundle Sprogs in the same 3 colorways. There are 3 Matt Black, 2 Tan and a one of a kind Chrome. Each comes with a strapless Roboflex TLR and retails for $60 each. If you’re interested in any of these amazing looking resin figures, email Cris immediately as these may already be sold out!
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