Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cris Rose x Pepe Arborobots Wood Bots

Cris Rose x Pepe Arborobots Wood Bots - Ramble and Roam

Ramble and Roam, the first two Arborobots by London Artist Cris Rose and Zurich Artist Pepe of Smallstuff Studios, are finally here!!! Ramble is the larger character, a robot grown from wood that feels he is missing something in his big hollow tummy. Coming in single and two-eyed variants, he has thoughts on what he might desire and looks to seek them out. Roam is the smaller chap, keen to help out and particularly good at finding lost things. With one big brass eye, he holds his find aloft and shuffles along as quickly as he can manage. And last but not least there is a single painted "Turquoise Driftwood" Ramble, crafted by Pepe and painted by Cris Rose.

Cris Rose x Pepe Arborobots Wood Bots - “Turquoise Driftwood” Ramble & OG Ramble

The initial release of this pair will include Roam and two-eyed Ramble in walnut and cherry. There will be three 2 packs that include both figures and a camera accessory ($175), as well as 2 Roam ($60) and 2 Ramble ($150) figures sold individually. The one of a kind Turquoise Driftwood Ramble will retail for $225. These go on sale tomorrow at 6pm London time, but act fast because these will sell out incredibly quickly.
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