Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cookies-N-Cream x Argonaut Resins Sneakerhead Argo Dunks Resin Figures

Cookies-N-Cream Sneakerhead Argo Dunks Tint Resin Figures by Argonaut Resins - Strawberry Dunks, Grape Dunks, Green Apple Dunks, Icy Mint Dunks & Afghan Gold Dunks

This Friday marks the first wide release of Cookies-N-Cream’s new Sneakerhead resin figure with a very special collaboration with the figure’s sculptor, END of Argonaut Resins. This first wave of 5 Argo Dunks figures includes the red Strawberry Dunks, the purple Grape Dunks, the green Green Apple Dunks the blue Icy Mint Dunks and the Afghan Gold Dunks. Each Cookies-N-Cream x Argonaut Resins Sneakerhead Argo Dunks tint resin figures includes the standard sneaker head as well as the DIY head.

Since C-N-C’s Sneakerhead made its debut at Toy Street 2011 fans have been demanding a wider release, and here it is! Each Argo Dunks clear tint resin figure will retail for $120 and comes packaged in a limited handmade custom Sneakerhead box. All four figures seen above go on sale at the Cookies-N-Cream online store this Friday, August 26th, at an unknown time. Good luck locking down these limited edition sneakers!
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