Monday, August 15, 2011

The Ugly Unicorn Vinyl Figure by Rampage Toys

The Ugly Unicorn Artwork by Jon Malmstedt

Meet Rampage Toys’ (aka Jon Malmstedt) newest creation, the soon to be released Ugly Unicorn! The Ugly Unicorn is a mysterious creature believed to come from a planet where cake and frosting are the main source of sustenance. Via some seemingly random circumstances (a wormhole perhaps?) he has come to earth and now seeks the only thing that can keep him alive - CAKE! Due to his absurdly ridiculous size (measured by scientist to be somewhere around 75' - depending on his food intake at time of measurement), the Ugly Unicorn tends to make a mess of his search for food; destroying things and leaving rubble in his wake.

The Ugly Unicorn Vinyl Figure in Unpainted Red and Yellow Soft Japanese Vinyl by Rampage Toys

Jon recently moved to Japan where this fun, new vinyl figure will be produced. The Ugly Unicorn will stand a little over 5” tall, has 1 point of articulation at the waste, and will be released in unpainted opaque red and yellow soft Japanese vinyl for its first release. The Ugly Unicorn vinyl figure will be available for pre-order this Tuesday, August 16th, at 8pm EST in the Rampage Toys online store. Each unpainted figure will retail for $32 and comes bagged with a header card.
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