Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Unpainted Black Doji San & Death Sludgie Vinyl Figures by LASH

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore - Unpainted Black Doji San & Death Sludgie Vinyl Figures by LASH

I know a lot of fans were super excited when they found out LASH of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore would be producing his two new vinyl figures, Doji San and Death Sludgie, in unpainted black for their very first release! Not only that, but he’s made his first vinyl Doji San and Death Sludgie super easy to get by selling them as an open edition pre-order. This means the edition size will not be set until the pre-order time period is closed. Collectors can even order multiple figures!

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore - Unpainted Death Sludgie Vinyl Figure Back by LASH

While both figures are sick, The Blot especially loves LASH’s Death Sludgie! The detailing on this figure is nuts and I love what he did with the skulls on Death Sludgie’s back. Just look at the photo of Death Sludgie’s back above.

The Unpainted Black Doji San and Death Sludgie are currently available for pre-order at the MVH online store. Doji San retails for $70, while Death Sludgie retails for $85. These will be available for purchase for the next month, but why wait on two sick Japanese vinyl figures like these two!
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