Thursday, October 13, 2011

Comic Book Review: Robot 13 from Blacklist Studios

Robot 13 Issue #1 Cover C Artwork Cover Artwork by Daniel Bradford

The Blot’s actually had this review ready to go for a while now, but I’ve been holding it back for a very special reason (more on that tomorrow). I was recently given the great opportunity to read and review the first three issues of Robot 13: Colossus! from Blacklist Studios and what a treat! As the book’s catchphrase says, it’s a robot’s odyssey to find himself. It tells the story of a heroic robot who awoke from the ocean floor and looks for answers to who he really is.

Robot 13 Issue #2 & Issue #3 Cover Artwork by Daniel Bradford

Written by Thomas Hall with art by Daniel Bradford, Robot 13 is an exciting tale set in 1939 featuring a robot, a giant sea creature, a Cyclops and many more hideous monsters, each one more destructive than the last. I know I said this in my King review, but Hall and Bradford’s comic books really remind me of Mike Mignola’s early work, which is about as high of praise as I can give. They both do excellent jobs telling a story without the use of unnecessary text, and I’m blown away by Bradford’s ability to express Robot 13’s emotions considering he doesn’t have a face! With just a slight tilt of his levitating skull or an increase in shadowing you can really get inside the mind of this stoic hero.

Robot 13: Colossus! is currently on issue number 3, so it’s definitely not too late to catch up on R13’s many adventures to find out who he is and where he came from. Head over to today to pick up all three issues! Or, you could check back with tomorrow for a very special giveaway (hint, hint).
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