Thursday, October 13, 2011

Disney Vinylmation Park Starz Series 1 - Final Reveals!

Disney Vinylmation Park Starz Series 1 - The Haunted Mansion Bride & Enchanted Tiki Room Parrot Vinyl Figures

Disney has revealed the final four standard figures from its Vinylmation Park Starz Series 1, and this series just keeps getting better! Park Starz takes classic characters from Disney Theme Parks around the world and reinterprets them as unique collectible vinyl figures. First up is The Bride, who can be found in every version of The Haunted Mansion attraction. This figure takes its inspiration from all of the versions to bring the iconic nature of The Bride to life (or is it death?). Next up is a parrot from Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland, an audio-animatronic theater show which only just recently reopened.

Disney Vinylmation Park Starz Series 1 – It’s a Small World Boy & Goat Vinyl Figure Set

Last but not least comes a figure (or two) from The Blot’s favorite Disney ride, It’s a Small World! The two figures above will actually be sold together in the same tin making the goat figure a "bonus" if you will. They capture the distinctive Mary Blair style of the "It's a Small World" attraction perfectly, don't you think?

Created by Disney Design Group artists Thomas Scott and Casey Jones, Park Starz Series 1 includes 11 characters and one “mystery chaser” figure. Unlike previous Vinylmation Series, each of the 12 figures in Park Starz Series 1 will be completely different. Disney Vinylmation Park Starz Series 1 will go on sale at the D-Street locations in California and Florida on Friday, October 21 with both Thomas and Casey on hand at WDW D-Street for a very special signing! This is one event you won’t want to miss.
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