Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall 2011 Custom Ugly Unicorn Vinyl Figures by Rampage Toys

Fall Custom Ugly Unicorns by Rampage Toys - Custom #12 “Masked Ugly”

Man, has Jon Malmstedt of Rampage Toys been on a roll this past two months or what!?! The amazing custom Ugly Unicorns just keep on coming and these are even better than the last. This time around all of the customs are fall themed. Custom #12 is the “Masked Ugly” who is sporting ugly eyes and a removable custom paper mask, perfect for a little trick or treating on Halloween.

Fall Custom Ugly Unicorns by Rampage Toys - Custom #11 “Shinto Ugly” & Custom #13 “Momiji Ugly”

Custom #11, The Blot’s persona favorite, is named “Shinto Ugly” and sports wood grain legs, a tarnished copper roof of hair, and some paper accessories (the paper folded to resemble lightning is typical adornment at the gates of entry for Shinto shrines). Last but not least is Custom #13, the Momiji Ugly! Momiji means maple tree in Japanese, and features green, orange, yellow, red, brown and white sprays, brushwork and water colored paper maple leaves.

These Fall Custom Ugly Unicorns by Rampage Toys will go on sale sometime during the morning hours of Halloween at the Rampage Toys online store. Catch one if you can!
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