Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fantastic Phosphorescence Drunk Seijin & Skulletor Pocket Mummy Boy

Super7 Skulletor Pocket Mummy Boy & Fantastic Phosphorescence Drunk Seijin by KaToPe.jpg

Super7 was not kidding when they said October was going to be a busy month. They start things up with two very exciting releases: the Skulletor Pocket Mummy Boy and the Fantastic Phosphorescence Drunk Seijin! Shining bright, the all seeing and all knowing Drunk Seijin is ready to lead the way through the gloominess of fall. KaToPe's Fantastic Phosphorescence Drunk Seijin is cast in glow in the dark vinyl highlighted by green, metallic blue and purple sprays.

Dressed as his favorite cartoon villain, Pocket Mummy Boy is ready to conquer your collection and learn all its secrets so he can take over the universe. Super7's Masters of the Universe inspired Skulletor Pocket Mummy Boy is cast in blue vinyl accented by bark blue, yellow and red sprays. These Drunk Seijin ($35) and Pocket Mummy Boy ($25) vinyl figures go on sale this Friday, October 7th, at noon Pacific at the Super7 online store.
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