Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Handstyle GID Green 10 Inch Custom Mad’ls by MAD

Handstyle Glow in the Dark Green 10 Inch Custom Mad’ls by MAD

The Blot tried to stay up late for MAD’s newest Handstyle custom Mad’l release last night but I just couldn’t do it!!! This is his fourth set of custom, one of a kind Handstyle Mad’ls, but the first on the 10” platform. Even better still these bad boys are glow in the dark green 10” Mad’ls! Four customs were created in all, with each blank 10” GID Green Mad’l featuring a slightly different drippy hand drawn doodle. These figures look so awesome and I bet they look crazy when they’re glowing, especially because they have that kinda Kirby Krackle look to them (all the comic book fans out there know exactly what I mean).

Only 4 Handstyle GID Green 10” Custom Mad’ls were created by MAD for this set, and there’s no telling just how many are actually left! Head to MAD’s online store now and pick one up for $175 while you still can.
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