Friday, October 28, 2011

Johnny Cupcakes NFL Inspired Cupcake & Crossbones T-Shirts

Johnny Cupcakes NFL Inspired T-Shirts - New England Patriots Cupcake & Crossbones T-Shirt

Some of The Blot’s favorite Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts are their pop culture inspired Cupcake and Crossbones designs, where they transform the company’s trademark logo into something just a little different. These NFL inspired designs are a classic example of that! Paying homage to the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders, these NFL Cupcake and Crossbones tees feature each team’s colors, incorporate each team’s mascot (a patriot and a pirate), and the cupcakes kind of look like football helmets.

Johnny Cupcakes NFL Inspired T-Shirts - Oakland Raiders Cupcake & Crossbones T-Shirt

My guess is these two teams were chosen because of their proximity to Johnny Cupcakes retail locations (the Raiders used to be based in LA), but I would love to see a Dallas Cowboys inspired design created as well!  What team would you like to see included in this release?

The NFL inspired Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts “Patriot Cupcake and Crossbones” and “Pirate Cupcake and Crossbones” are currently on sale at the Johnny Cupcakes online store for $35.99. The shirts are available in both men’s and women’s styles, sizes S-3XL.
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