Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super7’s Trio of Terror - Pumpkin Boy, ZombieFighter & Rose Vampire DX

Super7’s Trio of Terror: Pumpkin Boy, ZombieFighter & Rose Vampire DX

Something wicked this way comes! Super7's Halloween 2011 Trio of Terror is near, lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike in the darkness! After debuting the first member of its Trio of Terror at New York Comic-Con 2011 (the Rose Vamprie DX seen here), Super7 is set to release the final two members this Friday, October 21st! The ZombieFighter is a collaborative creature from Super7's Brian Flynn and Secret Base, while Super7's mascot Mummy Boy joins the Trio of Terror in a Halloween costume of his own: the Pumpkin Boy! Pumpkin Boy features a brand new head on a familiar friend.

ZombieFighter ($65) and Pumpkin Boy ($50) debut this Friday, October 21st, at 12noon Pacific at the Super7 online store.
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