Friday, October 14, 2011 Turns 4 Today!!! Blot Shield Logo

Wow, I have now been blogging for four straight years. Just typing that blows my mind! Where has the time gone? It’s amazing to think how much my life has changed since I first started The Blot Says… back in late 2007. Since that time I’ve held multiple jobs, gotten married and even bought a house! Somehow over that short period of time I actually became an adult. Looking back at all those old posts now makes me realize how much The Blot Says… has changed over the years. But as my opinions and interests evolve, so too does the blog. I guess that’s just the natural progression of things.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to all my new found friends, readers and supporters who I’ve met over the years through blogging for sharing in this incredible experience. I’ve met so many amazingly talented and passionate people through our shared interests and fandom, and you have all definitely influenced in some form or fashion. And so, whether you’re a long time reader of or some who just stumbled upon my site recently, thank you for coming along for the ride! Here’s to four more years of ramblings from The Blot…
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