Friday, October 21, 2011

The Triplets Custom 3" Dunnys by Donta Santistevan

The Triplets Custom 3” Dunnys by Donta Santistevan

One of The Blot’s biggest regrets over the past year of writing The Blot Says… is my lack of coverage of custom figures. I used to write about them pretty regularly, but somehow that has morphed into focusing more on handmade resin figures instead of pure customs. Because of that I’m going to start making a bigger effort to feature some of the amazing custom work going on in the designer toy community, starting with these three cool 3" custom Dunnys by Donta Santistevan!

Don't be fooled by the small size, lack of arms and bright colors of The Triplets, these little guys are vicious! The Triplets are jonesin for a home, either together or separately. That being said, you can be Yoko and break up the band and take them home for $40 a piece or keep the flame alive by taking them all for $100. Pick them up at Donta’s online store today!
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