Thursday, November 24, 2011

DC Comics x Mondo Screen Print Series - The Fortress of Solitude

Mondo x DC Comics Screen Print Series - The Fortress of Solitude Screen Print by JC Richard

Yesterday Mondo dropped a HUGE bombshell…it will be teaming with DC Comics on a new line of screen prints! Mondo kicks off this new series on Black Friday with Superman’s “Fortress of Solitude” by JC Richard. This panoramic print has a limited edition run size of 390 pieces and will retail for $50 each. Pick one up at a random time this Friday, November 25th, at the Mondo online store.

Mondo Creative Director Justin Ishmael explained to CBR in an interview published on Wednesday that he has plans to release more panoramic screen prints of locations in the DC Universe, including Star City, Metropolis, Gotham, the Batcave and OA. In the article Ishmael also stated he hopes to do straight poster posters as well, “kind of what we're doing with movies -- a poster, with titles and credit blocks. We're going to try to do that. If we do a Watchmen poster, it'll be something like that. It'll kind of resemble a movie poster. We're not sure if we can do this, but the idea is to do a credit block using the creators [in the credits].”

From the article (which you can read here), it sounds like Justin’s already got plans for Fourth World, Metal Men and Vertigo posters, as well as “event” type prints for crossovers like Crisis on Infinite Earths. I don’t know about you, but this sounds pretty amazing! And with Justin’s limitless creativity leading the way, The Blot’s pretty sure we’re going to see some crazy DC Comics inspired artwork coming our way very, very soon!
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