Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Sucklord Wood Figure by Gary Ham

The SUCKset - Custom 7 Inch The Sucklord Wood Figure and Accessories

The Blot had the biggest fan boy moment when I stumbled upon Gary Ham’s amazing The Sucklord custom wood figure on eBay (seen here). Gary was motivated to create this “tribute to all things Suckadelic” by The Sucklord’s dismissal from Work of Art last week. The SUCKset, as Gary dubbed it, is a 100% handmade and hand painted wood toy of The Sucklord and includes everything seen here. What’s even cooler is all of the accessories are also handmade of wood.

The SUCKset - Custom 7 Inch The Sucklord Wood Figure and Accessories

The Sucklord Wood Figure stands 7" tall with 5 points of articulation, includes two interchangeable heads, and tons of Suckadelic accessories. With this set you get 1 Morgan Phillips head; 1 Sucklord head; 1 light saber; 1 beat box; 1 roll of Ass Wipe; 1 carrot; 1 photo of Sucklord’s girlfriend; 1 Work of Art NY Times challenge replica; 1 jar of urine; 1 Village Voice with Sucklord on the cover; 2 Suckpax; 1 bong; 1 bootleg Gay Stormtrooper; and 1 cape. Does this figure have it all or what!?!

Two SUCKsets were created, but only one is being sold to the public via an eBay auction that started yesterday and will be running for one full week. As Gary explained, “in true Sucklordian fashion, this piece is available to whomever wants it the most.” The SUCKset auction started at an incredibly modest $50 starting price, however in only a matter of hours it has quickly rose to over $500. Where this amazing figure ends is anyone’s guess. Good luck bidding!

You can also check out a great interview Gary did with Jeremy Brautman about the figure here.
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